Hallo, wie geht es Ihnen?

I’ve been learning German for 3 months back in those days during my semester break. Didn’t know it came to be useful in my Germany trip! Well, most of the Germans actually do speak English so as a traveller who doesn’t know a single German, don’t need to be worried about language problems!

So, I’d spent 2 days and a night (2D1N) in Köln. To me, Köln is a really nice place worth to visit in terms of people there are really friendly and helpful in helping you when you’re lost in directions. Just to let you know, I was travelling alone on this trip so this post may be helpful for those who wish to travel alone to Köln.

How to get here?

Flight – Cheapest flight at GBP 12.99, 1.25 hr (from London – Cologne, RyanAir)
Bus – Cheapest fare at GBP 22.00, 12 hr (from London – Cologne, FlixBus)
Train – Cheapest fare at GBP 50.51, 5.02 hr (from London – Cologne, Deutsche Bahn)

Prepaid Data SIM Card

There are many telcos provide prepaid data SIM card with a competitive price. Out of so many choices, I chose Blau because it provides more data allowance with an affordable price. Take note people, you’ve to register your SIM card before you use it! You can get the SIM card at any convenience store like REWE. If you plan to travel to other countries within Europe, you should get a Europe data SIM pack. That would be more affordable and convenient. You can get those from REWE or any convenience stores near you.


Public Transport in Köln

Transportation in Köln is really good and convenient as it covers most of the places in Köln with the well-connected Bus and Tram network. You can either purchase the 24-hour or 48-hour welcome card. With the welcome card, you’ll be able to enjoy unlimited rides of the public transport for 24 or 48-hour. Please prepare coins or exact amount while buying the ticket from the ticket machine. Take note that the welcome card is not a card made from plastic or whatsoever, it’s made from a thin paper, so you’ll expect holding a paper-like card.

 24-hour individual ticket  € 9.00
 24-hour group ticket  € 19.00
 48-hour group ticket  € 18.00
 48-hour group ticket  € 38.00

Snapshot 2 (16-4-2017 12-04 AM).png

Day One

Hohenzollern Bridge (Arch Bridge)

You can walk across the bridge to the other end, on your way you’ll see there are many padlocks locked to the bridge. It is really beautiful while crossing the bridge. Don’t believe me? You can try and see how nice it is.

Kölner Dom (Cologne Cathedral)

As I begin to travel to Europe, I came to realise there are so many magnificent cathedrals in Europe, and you have no reason to say no visiting these cathedrals. Look at the architecture of the building, magnificent isn’t it? And do go into the cathedral because you’ll never want to miss out the magnificent interior design.

Museum Ludwig – €12 Admission Fee (Closes on Monday)

I didn’t take any pictures in Muzeum Ludwig because I left my camera in the locker. If you’re a fan of Modern Art, you definitely love this place and they say this museum has one of the largest Picasso collections in Europe.

Pizzeria Pinocchio – Open at 12:00 PM; Saturday 5:30 PM  (Lunch)

Sorry that I didn’t take any pictures of my food. The pizza here is not bad tho! You can eat in and enjoy the view of Old Town while having your pizza and beer! Old Town is just right opposite of the Pizzeria Pinocchio.

Cologne Chocolate Muzeum – €9 Admission Fee

I didn’t go to this place as planned because I was lazy to go out. It was winter during that time, so you know right. This place definitely suitable for people who have big love for Chocolate!

Soul Bar – Open at 4:30 PM (Happy Hour)

This place worth a big shoutout! They serve nice and affordable cocktails (well, I can’t say it’s the nicest but it is the cheapest cocktail I’ve ever ordered). I ordered a Mojito, it only cost me around €4.50, indeed cheap! Why cheap? I can’t remember where I heard this from, but someone told me because the bar is nearer to the university street, so the drinks are that cheap. Make sense? err… I don’t buy that.

Habibi Falafel (Dinner)

They claimed this is the best falafel in town, no doubt! It is the best and affordable falafel! It is near to the Soul Bar, so you can either have some falafel first then go to the bar or vice versa.

Check in at Meininger Hostel – €16.50 per night (Female ensuite dorm)

I didn’t manage to take any pictures of my stay because I was sharing a room with 4 girls. So, I’ve to respect their privacy! I remember there was this Australian girl, she was so funny and friendly, we shared our experience in travelling with each other, that somehow shaped me into who I am now. Not to mention, this hostel is really good and they’ve almost everything covered in the room including lockers, toiletries and etc. And not to forget, they serve free flow of drink (fruit tea) in the common area! Grab some when you’re there. The best hostel I have ever stayed in Europe, YES at the moment!

Schildergasse (Shopping Street)

Schildergasse is the shopping street in Köln. If you’re a shopaholic, this is definitely the right place for you! They’ve Primark, ZARA, ESPRIT, FootLocker and etc!

Wallraf-Richartz Museum – Open at 10:00 AM; €8.00 Admission Fee

If you’re a fan of fine art, this place is a must visit place in Köln.

Köln City Hall

Couldn’t take a proper and nice picture of the city hall because there was Christmas Market going on during that period.

The Alter Markt (Christmas Market near Kölner Dom)

When you’re in Germany, how can you miss out their Christmas Market?! I’ve always love Christmas and I didn’t know Christmas can be this happening in Europe. Because there isn’t any Christmas Market in Malaysia and most of the people usually celebrate in their house or church. For me, I usually celebrate with my friends in the morning, then at night dinner with my family. Sometimes, I even join my friend count down at the shopping complex in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. Boring isn’t it?! I wish they can bring this Christmas Market culture to Malaysia! Actually, we do have something like Christmas Market in Malaysia, but ours are slightly different like we have it almost every day at different locations. And we called that as the night market, something similar to the night market in Taiwan!

Also, I’ve listed out what you should try when you’re at the Christmas Market at the end of this post!

Markt der Engel (Christmas Market near Neumarkt)

I personally think this is the nicest Christmas Market in Köln!

Bar Schmitz – €1.80 for a scoop

Their ice-cream are really good! I forgot what flavour I tried, definitely the best seller!

Day Two


This is the landscaped park in Köln facing the Rhine River. It has the name of the most beautiful German Park in 2007. Also, this place is kids friendly, it has numerous playgrounds for the children to play! A good place to picnic too!

Bibimbap – €8.43 for a set that includes bibimbap and a miso soup (Breakfast)

Why Bibimbap at Germany?! Well, I was rushing off from one place to another. So, I don’t have much time to research on where can I get the nicest pork knuckles in Köln even tho I love pork knuckles so much! Not to mention, their staffs are really friendly and helpful! They don’t mind helping you when you need help in directions. I can’t say this is the best Korean food I ever had, but 10 stars for their staffs!

Snapshot 1 (15-4-2017 11-44 PM).png

Kölner Dom (Cologne Cathedral)

Walk around at the Kölner Dom before going to the airport.

Things to eat and drink at the Christmas Market

  • Kartoffelpuffer Rezept (Potato Pancake)
  • Lebkuchen (Gingerbread)
  • Mützen (Fried Donut)
  • Gluhwein (Hot Wine)
  • Bratwurst (German sausage with Bread)
  • Currywurst (German sausage with Curry sauce)
  • Feuerzangenbowle (German Fire Punch: wine, rum, sugar & some spices)

That’s the end of my trip in Cologne!

Total Damaged in Cologne: € 82.00