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Have you ever wonder how a post-communist country be like? I didn’t know Germany was a really big country until I look at the map. I really love Germany, like really much! If I’m given a chance travel to Germany again, I would probably travel to Köln again! If you’re a person into history and revolution of East Germany, you’ll definitely find Berlin is a very nice place to discover and explore your interest. Berlin always gives me a very special feeling, I don’t know why. I think people in Berlin are less friendly than the people in Köln, no offense. If you’re a Berliner came across this post, please show me my perception towards them is wrong. Danke!

How to get here?

Flight – Cheapest flight at GBP 13.00, 1.25 hr (from Brussels – Berlin, RyanAir)
Bus – Cheapest fare at GBP 17.12, 13.55 hr (from Brussels – Berlin, FlixBus)
Train – Cheapest fare at GBP 33.38, 6.57 hr (from Brussels – Berlin, Deutsche Bahn)


Remember I’ve mentioned in my previous post that you can actually get a data SIM card from the convenience store. Read more about it from here.

Public Transport in Berlin


I think transportation in Germany are really good and well-connected. The public transport almost covers all the places that you want to go, so you don’t have to worry about the transportation problems. They do provide Berlin Welcome Card for people who plan to travel within Berlin for more than one day. With the card, you can even get discounts from souvenir shops, restaurants and museum tickets.

Validity Berlin City Center (AB)
inc Airport Tegel
Berlin + Potsdam (ABC)
inc Airport Schönefeld
 48-hour  € 19.90  € 21.90
 72-hour  € 27.90  € 29.90
 72-hour + Museum Island  € 44.00  € 46.00
 4 days  € 32.50  € 35.50

For more information please visit this link.

Day One

Memorial of the Berlin Wall

This is the wall where it was used to divide the Capitalist West and Communist East Berlin. The wall are still very much maintained untouched where you can still see the details on the wall.

Souvenir Store near the Memorial of the Berlin Wall

Stopped by this store because they’re selling good quality postcards at a much lower price.

Flea Market at Bode Museum – Open at 10:00 AM Saturday and Sunday only

My initial plan was to go to the flea market at the Bode Museum until I found out the flea market only open on the weekends! So do check before you go. But it wasn’t that bad after all. Life is always full of surprises and doesn’t live up to your expectations.

Neues Museum – € 12.00 Admission Fee

This museum has large collections of the ancient artefacts and artwork. If you’re into ancient artefacts, you’ll definitely love this place! Be sure you have booked your ticket online to avoid the long queue.

Alte Nationalgalerie (Old National Gallery) – € 10.00 Admission Fee

If you’re an art lover, you should visit this gallery! They have most of the artworks from the Germans.

Altes Museum – € 10.00 Admission Fee


Berliner Dom

DDR Museum – € 9.50 Admission Fee

If you’re into exploring what was the daily life in the East Germany, you should definitely visit this place!

Berliner Fernsehturm 


Christmas Market at the Alexanderplatz (Lunch)

This is the scrumptious Handbrot with cheese and mushroom fillings. Trust me, you’ll definitely love this after you try it!


I have no idea where is this place, but I’m sure this is somewhere near the Alexanderplatz. Also, I forgot how much is the Bratwurst, but definitely cheaper than those in the Christmas Market.


Street Art Alley in Hackescher Markt

To be honest, this place wasn’t covered in my initial plan, I found this place just by coincidence. This alley is really nice and worth walking around. There are some cafe and bar in this alley, you can order a cup of coffee or beer and sit there enjoy looking at the street art.

Back to Baxpax Downtown Hostel – € 21.96 per night (mixed ensuite dorms for 4)

This was my first time staying in a mixed gender dorm. I didn’t know it was that scary until I know it’s gonna be me and the other guy sharing the room only. Because I expect there gonna be 3 more people sharing the room with me. Well, surprise surprise! I remember this was the first time I stayed at the common area over the nights. Not to mention I was kind of surprised the toilet and bathroom are separate where I have to go out of the room to go to the toilet. The facilities are fully equipped, but if they provide toiletries too, that would be excellent! Also, the food at the bar are really nice, so do the staffs who work at there.

Day Two

East Side Gallery

It was quite hard for me to take nice pictures of the art because they put a temporary fencing to protect the art from being destroyed.

Checkpoint Charlie – € 3.00 for taking photos with the soldier

At here you can take photos with the Checkpoint Soldier and also get a passport stamp on your passport.

Topography of Terror – Free admission

It’s an outdoor and indoor museum that gives you an overview of revolution in East Berlin. Also, from this museum, I’ve got to know that there were two different currency used in the West and East Berlin which the currency in the West Berlin are higher than the East.

Burgermeister – € 4.90

They claimed this is the best burger with good price in town. The one I had was the best seller – Meisterburger, I find it meh only, like a normal burger that I usually have it in McD? To be honest, I don’t really know how to judge if a burger is tasty or not, to me as long as the bun is not hard and it is edible, then it’s a nice burger! Simple as it is. But overall, this is not a bad place to have your lunch and the price is affordable too. Also, you’ve to wait in a long queue to order the burger and it is really packed in the shop if you wanted to eat in.


Holocaust Memorial

This is the place where the murdered Jews of Europe were buried. I find this place is like a maze while I was walking into it.

Brandenburg Gate

There was a demonstration going on during my visit. I forgot what they were protesting, it was something like against the hanging sentence in …. ?!

Reichstag Building

Christmas Market at Gendarmenmarkt – € 1.00 Admission Fee

Day Three

Kame Japanese Bakery  – € 7.00 for a slice of Green Tea cake and Matcha Latte

I’m actually a big fan of Matcha and things that are in green color. So, whenever I travel, I’ll always look for Matcha latte! Their Matcha latte wasn’t bad, I find that most of the cafe in the UK, they serve tasteless Matcha latte which I can’t even get to taste the Matcha like how it should be. I don’t get it, WHY?! Why is it so hard to find a nice Matcha Latte in the UK and Europe. I think the best one I had in Europe was in Dublin! Well, I’ll blog about that right after my Iceland trip!

Hokey Pokey – € 2.60 for a single scoop (Open at 1 PM)

They say this Hokey Pokey is the one of the best Dessert Shop in Berlin, they serve excellent Gelato which is very creamy and delicious! Try the Hokey Pokey flavour with Honey Comb if you’re visiting this place.


Back to London

I almost got…..!

Okay, the story begins with while I was preparing to let the Berlin police officer stamp an exit stamp on my passport before enter the boarding gate. Then the officer couldn’t find the entry stamp on my passport, the entire situation was so intense as if I was an illegal immigrant trying to leave the EU border or whatsoever (I’m exaggerating actually). Luckily the police officer didn’t look like a grumpy and fierce officer, so he asked if I have any documents that can proof how I entered the Europe border. My mind was completely blank and I remember I didn’t have any hard copies of my bus ticket (I took a bus from London to Cologne). So I asked can I show a soft copy of my bus ticket instead. The officer then took my phone and asked me to wait. He then walked away from his place, I was so scared at that time even thought of them deporting me back to Malaysia (How scary?!). So, 10 minutes later he came back with my passport and my phone then said I can enter the boarding gate. After I arrived in London, I feel so relieved!


That’s the end of my trip in Berlin!

Total Damaged in Berlin: € 102.00