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I’ve never thought of traveled to Iceland in my entire life. So, when I know I got the chance travel to Iceland, I was so excited and I couldn’t wait to see the northern light in Iceland! Before I plan this trip, the only thing I knew about Iceland was Blue Lagoon, the symmetrical distribution cathedral, and northern light! But after I research further, I came to know that actually there are several beautiful hiking spots in Iceland. Too bad, those places are not opened during winter! That’s okay then. Next time, maybe?

How to get here?

Flight – GBP 74.48, 3 hr (Round trip: Bristol – Keflavik, EasyJet + WOW Airline)


You can actually get an international roaming on your service provider. Or you can buy the internet SIM pack from the airport. To me, I didn’t use neither international roaming nor buy an internet SIM pack. What I did was download an offline map on my phone before the trip. Research the route from one place to another and write it down. This actually works, I’m not kidding.

Public Transport in Reykjavik

Transportation in Reykjavik isn’t as convenient as Germany. There’s no tram and metro in Iceland, so don’t expect they have a well-connected transportation network. Renting a car and drive is actually the cheapest option travel within Reykjavik. If you’re going there during the summer time, that would be the most recommended option. But if you’re going to be there in winter, I would probably recommend you not to drive. Because driving in the winter time especially in Iceland could be a bit dangerous, also, the weather in Iceland is ridiculously unpredictable where you can actually experience 4 seasons in one day.

If you’re planning to stay at Reykjavik for a few days, I would recommend you to get a Reykjavik City Card. The card offers you free admission to certain museum in Reykjavik, all swimming pools in Reykjavik, and unlimited rides on the bus within Reykjavik Capital area. Strætó is the main public transport in Reykjavik, so make sure you’ve downloaded their app on your phone to check the bus schedules and so.

 Validity  Adults  Children (6-18)
 24-hours  ISK 3700  ISK 1500
 48-hours  ISK 4900  ISK 2500
 72-hours  ISK 5900  ISK 3300

For more information please visit this link.

Day One

Departing from Bristol Airport

If you’re flying with EasyJet, take note that they only allow one hand carry luggage which is including your personal bag or laptop bag. If you enter the boarding gate with a sling bag and your luggage, they’ll stop you and ask you to put your sling bag into your hand luggage. Not kidding.


Blue Lagoon – GBP 46.00 Entrance Fee inc the Complimentary Silica Mud Mask

Didn’t take many pictures while I was at the Blue Lagoon. People usually will go to the Blue Lagoon either on their first-day arrival or on the last day in Reykjavik because this place is just 30 minutes away from the Keflavik airport. Don’t worry about your luggage, there is a locker in the changing room (Free). But if your luggage is too big, you’ll have to rent a locker from them. Also, they have the toiletries, hair dryer, cotton pads, and other amenities provided in the changing room.

When you swim further, you’ll feel your leg is stepping in the muddy puddles. AHA! Out of curiosity, I actually grabbed some of the mud and smell it, EWW! It smells so bad, but by looking at the texture, it looks like the Silica Mud Mask that they give us. I hope not because it smells so bad.

Actually, there are many other thermal pools that the locals usually go other than Blue Lagoon. Visit this link to read more about it.

How to get here from Keflavik Airport? (Transfer Service – GBP 29.00)

There are many bus operators in Reykjavik offer the transfer service to Blue Lagoon. You can refer this site, I used them for the transfer service.

Grocery Shopping at Hagkaup

Eating out in Reykjavik are really expensive, so, me and my friend brought 30 packs of instant noodles for our breakfast. I know right, it does sound a lil bit crazy but this is one of the ways to travel on a budget.

Day Two
(Golden Circle Tour – GBP 72.00)

On the second day, I joined the Golden Circle Tour from GuideToIceland. It covers all the attractions within the Golden Circle – Geysir, Gullfoss, Faxi, and Þingvellir National Park. A side note, GuideToIceland have a really nice guide! In the middle of the trip, the guide gave each of us a taste of the traditional Icelandic food – Icelandic Beer and a piece of meat.


Strokkur (Geysir in Iceland)

You get to experience standing so close to the Geysir and wait for it to explode. It takes around 8 minutes to explode. Overall it’s a great experience to witness the explosion because I’ve never been so close to the Geysir in my entire life.

Bláskógabyggð (Gullfoss in Iceland)

The two-tiered waterfall is really nice and stunning! Make sure you climb up further to get a better view of the Gullfoss.

Þingvellir National Park

This place was covered with snows and there is not much we can see in the park in the winter. Also, this is the place where my friend went for snorkeling on the next day. I didn’t join them because I was afraid of the cold. Actually, I should have joined them to experience snorkeling in the ice cold water especially in the winter time.

Tungufljót river (Faxi in Iceland)

Day Three
(South Coast Tour – GBP 89.00)

On the third day, I joined the GuideToIceland South Coast Tour where it covers most of the attractions in South Coast – Seljalandsfoss, Sólheimajökull, Black Sand Beach – Reynisfjara, Skogarfoss.


One of the most beautiful waterfall in Iceland you never want to miss out!

Sólheimajökull Glacier

This is my favourite place in Iceland and I truly enjoyed the glacier walking tour! It wasn’t easy to walk on the glacier, you’ve to be careful. People often come here for Glacier Hiking too, it is a great experience which I strongly recommend!

Black Sand Beach – Reynisfjara

This beach is famous for its treacherous waves which had caused a few deaths. Be careful when you go near the sea and try not to turn your back to the sea. Also, this is one of the filming locations for Rogue One.



Day Four

Hallgrímskirkja – Free admission

Please go up to the church and get a panoramic view of Reykjavik! Don’t be like me regretting now that I didn’t go up there! (It’s not free to take the elevator up to the top of the church, probably less than GBP 10?)

Noodle Station Soups – GBP 12.50 (Lunch)

This is the best place to have a hot noodle soup in a cold weather! I think this is the cheapest place to grab your lunch in Reykjavik. Also, they are vegetarian-friendly!

Icelandic Phallological Museum – GBP 9.70

Well, this is quite an interesting and eye-opening museum. So, why not give it a try? Don’t be shy! And you’ll know who has the largest penis in the animal kingdom? A good place for good laugh tho!

Vikin Maritime Museum – Free admission with Reykjavik City Card

You’ll get to see the local fishing industry in this museum.

Sægreifinn, The Sea Baron – GBP 32.80

They have a really nice and fresh lobster soup in Reykjavik, I would say. Also, me and my friend tried the Whale Meat out of curiosity of how a whale meat tastes like. Well, this is just a one time experience so don’t judge me for being so cruel. The whale meat tastes like as if I was eating a steak, its taste somehow gives me an interesting feeling that I don’t know how to describe, indescribable.

National Museum of Iceland – Free admission with Reykjavik City Card

You can see the development of Iceland in this museum, it gives you an insight of the history of Iceland.

Northern Light Hunting – GBP 46.00

It was a disappointing trip to an abandoned place which I  was actually expecting to see the northern light but that day the northern light was too mild that we couldn’t see it with our naked eyes. I went there on the early January where the percentage of seeing northern light should be high. They say the perfect period to catch the northern light was between late September to late March because there is less light between that period. Also, we were told that if we couldn’t see the northern light on the day we booked, they will compensate us another trip until we get to see the northern light!

My suggestion: See the northern light on your first day of arrival, if you couldn’t see it, you still have time to catch the northern light on your next complimentary trip.

Day Five

Ásmundarsafn Museum – Free admission with Reykjavik City Card

This museum was the artist’s house and studio then now turn to be a museum exhibit his sculpture and artworks. A really small and nice museum with complimentary coffee and milk for the visitors. Not to mention, they have a really nice and informative staff.

The Sun Voyager



A very futuristic concert hall in Reykjavik.

Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur – GBP 4.20 (Lunch)

Don’t say you came to Reykjavik if you didn’t try their hotdog! The hotdog is really delicious and it comes with the fried onion and mustard sauce.


Reykjavik Roasters

They say this place serve the finest coffee in Reykjavik. Too bad, I didn’t manage to grab a cup of coffee before I left.

Solon Bistro – GBP 20.00 (Dinner)

We settled our last dinner in Reykjavik at this place. Their fish and chips are not bad compared to the one I had in the UK.

That’s the end of my trip in Iceland!

Total Damaged in Iceland: GBP 590.00