What so special about Ireland? The only thing that I can think of is beer, beer, and BEER! I don’t know why maybe that’s because of they’re famous for their Irish Beer, the famous temple bar, and the Guinness Store House in Dublin. Before this, actually, I don’t know anything about Ireland until I started to listen to songs from Ed Sheeran, The Script, and Kodaline. Now, they are still my favourite singer and boy band on my playlist.

How to get here?

Flight – Cheapest flight at GBP 20.00, 1 hr (Round Trip Bristol – Dublin, RyanAir)
Bus – Cheapest fare at GBP 44.90, 14 hr (Round Trip Bristol – Dublin, National Express)
Train – Cheapest fare at GBP 83.00, 9.05 hr (Round Trip Bristol – Dublin, Arriva Trains Wales)


You can actually get an international roaming on your service provider. Or you can buy the prepaid internet SIM pack from the airport. For me, I used Three international roaming during my stay in Ireland. Because most of the places in Dublin have a really great Wi-Fi coverage.

Public Transport in Dublin


Transportation in Dublin isn’t bad because their public transport are well-connected covered most of the places in Dublin. If you think that you’ll be using the public transport extensively, I would recommend you to buy the Visitor Leap Card. Then you can have unlimited rides of all Dublin Bus services, including Airlink, Nitelink, Xpresso DART and the Commuter Rail and Luas services. You can get the Leap card from the airport or any of the tourist center.

 Validity  Adults
 1 day, 24-hours  €10.00
 3 days, 72-hours  €19.50
 7 days, 168-hours  €40.00

Day One
(Cliff of Moher Day Tour – € 40)

I signed up the tour from Paddywagon, the entire trip wasn’t bad and the guide was informative and helpful in answering all your questions. But if you’re coming with a group of friends, I would recommend you to rent a car and drive all the way to Cliff of Moher without having to rush from one location to another. Also, you get to stop by at any places that you want for pictures at any time. That’s the perks of not following the local tour.


This place is famous as an ancient fishing village. I felt so calmed and relaxed when I was in this place. It is a really nice village, also there’re some restaurants over there but they’re not open early. Be sure you check their operating hours before you go.

Mini Cliffs of Moher in the Burren

They say this is the “Mini” Cliffs of Moher, the guide made a stop at this place for a while to let us take some pictures.

Stone Wall Cafe, Doolin – approximately € 20.00

Then we stopped at Doolin for a lunch break. We only got an hour lunch break, so it’s kinda hard for us to explore this place and have our lunch at such a short period. I ordered a cup of Chai Latte and a Chicken Wrap. I don’t know, maybe I’m not a fan of Chai Latte, I find its taste is kind of weird. Their food is average to normal, not worth for a second visit.


The Cliffs of Moher – € 6.00 (included in the tour)

Do climb up further to experience the breathtaking view! Also, remember to wear thicker clothes because it is really cold up there when the wind blows.


20161007_14242520161007_14155720161007_142728Atlantic Edge Exhibition20161007_145955Pablo Picante – € 6.50 (Student Deals)

Had my lunch at this place, they claimed to be one of the best burrito bars in Dublin. If you’re a student, you can choose the student deals but you’ve to present your student ID in order to get the special deal. The student deals come with a burrito and a soft drink or mineral water. I think this is the best burrito I’ve ever had by far, it makes me think that the one I had in Bristol is the worst one.


Day Two

Christ Church Cathedral – € 6.50 (Admission Fee for Adult)

Dublin Castle  – €4.50 (Admission Fee for Adult)

Guinness Storehouse – € 18.00 (Student Ticket)

If you’re a beer person, you should visit this place to see how the beer is brewed and processed.


Kaph Cafe – € 2.80 for a cup of Matcha Latte

Told you guys, I’m a huge fan of Matcha Latte! This place deserves a big shoutout, they have the best Matcha Latte in Dublin, by far the best one I had in the Europe. Forget about those Matcha Lattes I had in Bristol, those are rubbish and tasteless (kidding but it’s true), no offence. Also, I bought a packet of the Matcha powder from them, it costs me around 13 euros, I can’t remember the exact amount.


Drury Buildings


Murphy’s – € 4.00 for double scoops

This place deserves a big shoutout too! They have the best and most delicious ice cream in Ireland! You would never want to miss out this place when you’re at Ireland, trust me, you’ll definitely love this place and revisit every day! The best flavour I had is the Dingle Sea Salt! Irish coffee is my second choice.

Molly Malone

This is the pick-up location where the tour picked us up to the Cliffs of Moher last night.


St Stephen’s Park

This is the public park in the city center, very close to the Grafton Street.

Ha’Penny Bridge


20161008_143852.jpgTemple Bar

This place is famous as a tourist district, where most of the bars here serve beer at an expensive rate, like € 7.00 for a pint.

Back to my friend’s apartment

I crashed on my friend’s couch during my stays in Dublin. And some of the nights, we cooked for dinner (travel on a budget).


Day Three

Grafton Street

This street is good for shopping, there are lots of big name shops around this place. Also, there are many talented street performers performing at this street. I wonder if Ed Sheeran’s talent was discovered at this street.


Trinity College

Came to this place to visit their library, book of kells.


Book of Kells – € 11.00 Admission Fee for Adult

The price differs between the online tickets and tickets sale on the door. Online tickets are more expensive, you can find out more at here. If you happen to have a friend studying at the Trinity College, you can ask him/her to bring you in, so you don’t need to pay for the admission fee, also don’t need to wait in a long queue to get in (not sure if this is legal)!

Murphy’s – € 4.00 for double scoop

Look! I’m having this again, you can tell how delicious it is!


Temple Bar Food Market – Open on the Weekends only (Lunch)

Forgot to take pictures in this place because I was busy eating my food. Average food but consider a nice deal at this place. Take note, they only open on the weekends and close at 5 PM.

National Museum of Ireland – Natural History (Free admission, Closed on Monday)

This place is known as The Dead Zoo, they have collections of zoological specimen exhibit in the museum.


Yamamori Sushi (Dinner) – approximately € 20.00 for a bento + sushi(s)

If you’re a sushi lover or have a huge heart for Japanese food, you should definitely try their food! They are one of the best Japanese sushi in town, the price is reasonable, also they do serve lunch deal on the weekdays only!

Day Four


Howth (West Pier) 

Grabbed a sandwich from a convenience store in the train station while waiting for the next train (because me and my friends missed the train that we supposed to take). I’m not sure the exact fare from Dublin city center to Howth, because I got on the train with LEAP card. I guess the fare is not more than 8 euros? The entire journey only takes 30 minutes from Dublin to Howth, definitely a perfect place to run away from the busy workload in Dublin. Once you get off the train, you’ll find many restaurants that serve seafood at the West Pier. You can tell the seafood are actually fresh from the sea because they are very near to the sea.

Crabby Jo’s (Lunch) – approximately € 20.00

Had our lunch at this place, wanted to order the Lobster but they have no more left at that time. It was kind of disappointed because most of the places we went (even in Octopussy) are ran out of Lobster. That’s alright, so we ordered a Seafood Chowder soup, Fish & Chips, Fisherman’s Pie, and Dublin Bar Prawns. The fish & chips was mehh, but their Fisherman’s Pie is really good!

Howth Harbour Lighthouse (East Pier)

The Summit

It took us almost 2 hours to climb up to the Summit, we took the shortest route by the way. It was really tiring after 2 hours of cliff walking but it is really worthwhile to see the breathtaking view of the Howth! I guess I should really train my stamina before the next hiking trip.

Starbucks – GBP 3.95

Grabbed a cup of Matcha Latte (again) from Starbucks to quench my thirst.


Elephant & Castle (Dinner)  € 17.00

We ordered a Spicy Chicken Wings in a Basket, HomemadeTagliatelle with Langoustines, Scallops and Connemara Mussels, and their signature Elephant burger. Their spicy chicken wings are the best, also the burger! It’s a really great place to hang out with your friends!


That’s the end of my trip in Ireland!

Total Damaged in Ireland: GBP 180