If you’re in need of a short getaway from the hustle bustle, Bath is the best place for you to get away from the busy workload! Even though Bath isn’t a big city like London, but you still can get everything you want in this place. You can have Burger & Lobster even you’re not in London, the famous Sally Lunn’s Bun, historic site in Salisbury and Roman Baths as well as the relaxing Thermal Bath Spa in Bath. A day trip to Bath can be packed with so many plans, isn’t it? You’ll definitely love this place especially if you like ancient buildings and visiting historic sites.

How to get here?

If you’re traveling from Bristol, Bus is the best option to get here. You can get on First bus and request a Bristol inner and outer zone day ticket from the bus driver. It only costs you £5.00 for that. The schedule to Bath is not frequent so you’ve to check their schedule before you plan a trip to Bath. Of course, you can take a train from Bristol Temple Meads to Bath Spa Station, it only takes 15 minutes of ride to Bath, but this option is more expensive, around £ 7.60 for a single journey.

One Day in Bath


Royal Crescent

There’s a park near the crescent where people here often picnic in the park in the summertime. Who’s calling you? Summer! Also, you can enjoy the beautiful ancient buildings while picnicking.

The Circus


Pulteney Bridge

This is the famous spot for taking pictures and left your footprints in this place.



Seafoods Fish & Chips (Breakfast) – £ 7.95

AHA! Why fish & chips again?! Because my friends were craving for it and so we stopped by this place for breakfast. Well, it could have been better if she told me earlier that she wanted to eat fish & chips, I could have done more research on the best place for fish & chips in Bath. Honestly, as for me, I find British food is more towards natural and tasteless, they’re not like the Asian’s food put lots of spices into the food to make it look more presentable, delicious, and smells good. That somehow struggles me when finding a nice western restaurant in the UK.

Roman Baths – £ 13.25 (Student Ticket)

If you’re keen to learn about the history of the Bath Spa set up by the Romans, you can never go wrong with this place. Also, if you’ve extra time, you can also visit the Thermae Bath Spa, it’s only 3 minutes away from the Roman Baths!


Bath Abbey

Day Tour to Stonehenge – £ 32.00 (include transport to Stonehenge from Bath)

I took the Stonehenge day tour from Scarper Tours which includes transportation from Bath to Stonehenge and the entrance ticket. The stones are about a mile away from the visitor center, so you’ve to take the shuttle bus from the visitor center, it will take you up to the stones and back. The stones are really pretty in a mysterious way where they say the formation of the stones are not known yet and remained a mystery. You can’t relly go near and touch the stones, that’s kind of sad and disappointed tho.

Sally Lunn Museum


You can see how the old English lived many years ago. It is a really small museum by the way, and it is really beautiful inside. Also, this place is famous for its Sally Lunn’s Bun, try that before you leave.

David Thayer’s Ice Cream  – £ 3.90


Burger & Lobster (Dinner) – £ 17.30

That’s the end of my trip in Bath!

Total Damaged in Bath: GBP 66.00