Who is calling? Thailand! So…I’ve never been to Thailand before and so this is going to be my first time travel to Phuket. Well, of course, I am a bit skeptical to the cleanliness of the food, afraid they didn’t use clean dishes and so. But to my surprise, the cleanliness in the restaurant in Phuket is above my expectations, not as worse as I think it is. In this post, you will find it helpful if you’re organising a trip to Phuket for 3 days 2 nights.

How to get here from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia?

Thailand is very near to Malaysia, so you can either take bus, train or airplane to Phuket. So, my suggestion is to take plane to Phuket, so you can save more time without cracking your butt in a long journey bus/train ride to Phuket. As for me, I bought a return ticket to Phuket during the AirAsia Zero Fare in last Summer, it was around MYR 92 for a round trip. It is considering CHEAP for that price! If you insist on taking a bus, you can take a bus to Hatyai, interchange at Hatyai then take the local bus to Phuket. But this option would cost more and more time spent on the journey.


You can either buy the local SIM card upon your arrival at the Phuket airport. I have mine bought from Malaysia before departing to Phuket. There’re many agents selling the Internet SIM pack and pocket Wi-Fi in Kuala Lumpur, you can easily find it with some research on Google.

Day One

So I arrived in Phuket pretty late on the first day, so basically that day is totally burnt and wasted. You can actually choose the earlier flight where you can get a full day experience to explore around in Phuket, idk up to you. So, we went to this place, Number 6 Restaurant, to feed our hungry stomach right after we unpacked everything at our hotel.

Number 6 Restaurant

Be prepared to wait in a long queue, this restaurant serves the best Thailand food! Their Tom Yam Goong is so good and authentic, not to forget to try their Mango Sticky Rice, it is also one of the must try food from their menu. Trust me no wrong, this place deserve a big shoutout!

Bangla Walking Street

Then you can find many fancy night shows in this street like the ping pong show, erotic show, lady boy show, and many other night shows. Also, this street is very close to Patong Beach. The atmosphere here at night is very happening, as you can see many “girls” (lady boy) are standing on the street with PING PONG SHOW, LIVE SEX SHOW, LADY BOY SHOW signs, they’re actually promoting their shows, it’s most likely similar to the Red Light District in Amsterdam. But be careful, even though they say FREE SHOW JUST NEED TO BUY 1 DRINK, that’s a scam! Wanted to know more? Keep reading to the end of this post then you will find how they charge.

Patong Beach

Stopped by McD to grab a Matcha Mcflurry, well…I don’t think they should call this as Matcha Mcflurry. If you’re a huge fan of Matcha, I would strongly against you to try this, don’t have your money wasted on food that does not worth it. Speaking as a Matcha lover, this Mcflurry is just a combination of vanilla ice-cream with Matcha powder sprinkle on top of it, and also chunks of chocolate on top of it. You can try it if you don’t believe me. Let me know how’s it like after that.

Day Two
(Phi Phi Islands Tour – 950 THB)


So, me and my friends decided to join the Phi Phi Islands Tour on the second day. We actually signed up the tour at some random place near to the Bangla Walking Street. The experience in the entire trip was okay, yep I mean OKAY. If I ever go there again, I would definitely sign up a tour that offers a longer stay in Maya Bay and James Bond island.

Breakfast at the Resort


Sightseeing at Phi Phi Leh Island

I would recommend you not to take this express tour if you wanted to have more time spend at the Maya Bay, Loh Samah Bay, Pileh Cove and Viking Cave. This tour only offers you a sightseeing experience at the islands from the cruise, which is kind of disappointing because we were not told the trip is sightseeing and snorkeling only. Well, it’s only 950 THB, what do we expect for more?


Phi Phi Don

Snorkeling at Coral Bay


Phi Phi Hotel (Lunch)

So we had our late lunch at this Hotel after snorkeling at the Coral bay. We’re all so hungry then reached the table with not much food left after we got our wet clothes changed. Forget about the taste of the food, I don’t expect they will serve a super delicious Tom Yam Goong, fried squid, and so which is including in a really cheap tour, so keep your expectations low and feed your hungry stomach. And one more thing, I find their drinking water taste kind of weird. Is it only me? Hope not.


Back to Resort

After had our late lunch at Phi Phi Hotel, we then went back to Phuket with the cruise we took in the morning. We’re so tired and not wanting to go out after snorkeling because it is really tired be in the water for few hour. So we just headed back to our comfy beds and took few hours of nap until our hungry stomach screams again. We then have cup noodles for dinner with some beer of course! Not sure if you know Beer in Thailand is actually way cheaper than Malaysia.

Day Three

Breakfast at Resort


Relaxed in the resort


Bangla Walking Street (Shopping)

Walked down to the Bangla Street with this vintage looking Sprite. Had some shopping time at this street, bargaining the price with the seller, then you’d know how low can the price goes. Remember, do bargain to get a better price, don’t get ripped off!


Dang Restaurant (Lunch)

Had our lunch at this place instead, because there was a long queue in Number 6 Restaurant, also because we wanted to try new place. If you really want to compare, Number 6 serve really good food, their Tom Yam soup is incredibly tasty!

Patong Beach

There are lots of beach activity in this place, you can never go wrong in this place if you wanted to do a parasailing.

Fried Ice-Cream

Of course, we stopped at this place and had some ice-cream to cool down our bodies under the super hot weather in Phuket.


Ping Pong Show

Say what? Yep, you heard no wrong, it’s ping pong show. It’s actually a show that makes me nearly puke on the lady boys. I watched half way then left the show because I couldn’t take it but it is a really good experience. The show is something like the ladyboys use the muscle near their vagina to hold an object and then release it. I find it a bit disgusting when I see they eject something from their “vagina”. But well, it is what it is.

Before we enter the “room”, the tout told us we only need to buy a drink to see the show where FREE SHOW SEXY GIRL ONLY BUY 1 DRINK is written on the signboard that he is holding. Well, so we went in and watch the show, then half way of the show, the ladyboys asked my friend to hold a balloon for him, climax here, then he released something with point surface to burst the balloon. After that, the ladyboys came and asked for tips from my friend, my friend was so blurred and didn’t know what’s going on. So she tipped him 10 THB but the ladyboy refused to go and requested my friend to tip more like 100 THB. I find the whole thing is a scam because I was told it is a free show and only need to buy a drink, didn’t know I have to tip them for “extra” thing that I didn’t ask for it.

Jungceylon Shopping Mall

I guess this is the new shopping mall in Phuket, they have most of the famous brands in this shopping mall. Not a bad place to do window shopping.

Black Canyon Coffee (Dinner)


Back to Kuala Lumpur

Then we took the night flight back to Kuala Lumpur. My piece of note to you if you’re planning to travel to Phuket, try to plan your visit to this place on the weekends because you’ll never want to miss out the weekend market in Phuket! Their weekend market is similar to the night market in Malaysia and Taiwan. Even though they’re same as the one in Malaysia but the experience is different.


That’s the end of my trip in Phuket!

Total Damaged in Phuket: MYR 750.00